The Girl Code

So I was talking to a friend of mine over Thai food the other day, and we were discussing what is and isn’t done between girlfriends.  It was amusing that these apparently ‘common’ rules that I thought we all lived by, or simply not common at all.  Neil Patrick Harris has solidified the ‘Bro Code’, but do girls need the same thing?  Do we need a list of rules written down that have acceptable amendments

Well, we’re going to start.  Even if it seems obvious, let’s start writing it down.  This category will be called the ‘Girl Code’ until we can think of a much better name for it.

Entry #1:

The amount of time you wait to date a girls ex will fluctuate depending on how good a friend they are, and how good a friend you want them to remain.  Is she your best friend?  Lay off for at least six months and ease into it.  If you ask and she says she’s ‘fine’ with it, that’s a trap for ‘if you do, you’re dead to me.’  Honestly ladies, as a close friend, you should realize that there is hidden pain.  There always is.